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drgreenpath2.jpgI was stubborn (kept asking related questions) and figured out a 3,300 year old mystery: Why was it written in the old testament to separate milk from meat? The result of this separation is fitness (kasher in Hebrew). This was missed by sages thousands of years ago who confused the rules and is currently obscured by the science and practice of factory-faming.

Multitudes of wise people before me focused on cleanliness or other important points about food. However, this ancient clue is that milk has only 1/10th the methionine (an amino acid) of meat. Pulsatile methionine restriction seems a current potent strategy against cancer, boosting immune renewal and longevity.

But solving this riddle begs more questions. How did the people of that time know the benefits (detoxification as well as fitness of mind and body) of cycling low methionine (milk, vegetables, fruit, gelatin) and replete methionine (meat, fish, seaweeds, eggs, cheese)?

This 'old testament' recording of man's oral history points to passed down great understanding. Were these the words of God, and not hallucinations (even they are created by God)? Did we have previous peaks in civilization and/or extra-terrestrial contact?

A man needs a mission. Humans need a calling, something they are gifted to do that makes an impact. We need to know that life counts, that we are pursuing a meaningful mission. This creates motivation and happiness. Without a mission, a man is lost. But with a mission, a man becomes greater than himself. A mission focuses, provides direction, and makes the bullshit bearable. It boosts courage.

Please help me on my mission, to spread the fitness rewards of not being 'good' all the time: sunshine, feast and famine, intermittent fasting, pulsatile methionine restriction (enhanced by gelatin), fruits, spicy foods, eating grass-fed and not eating grain-fed animals, being thrilled, movement and a few drinks or smokes.

One can achieve fat loss and smaller body simply by emphasizing low methionine more days each week. Replete methionine triggers repair and bigger body. Cycling the two results in less inflammatory pain or its damage as well as a long, happy and vigorous life.

If you want to learn more, I have lots, just ask. You can also Google: methionine restriction, autophagy, apoptosis, hormesis, polyphenol, reactive oxygen (or nitrogen) species, fitness and sex, energy and motivation.

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