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Board Of Directors


President and Natural Health News: Rita Starr

Rita Starr is the President of PATH and has worked with, an been a Board Member of the organization for over two decades. She is a patient advocate and works with a number of holistic and integrative MDs. She leads our monthly caring/sharing segment and is always on the leading edge of natural wellness news and announcements.

 Dr. David Newman, PATH President

Past President and Speakers:  David Newman, DC

Dr. Newman is a licensed chiropractor, certified in acupuncture, clinical nutrition and fitness. Ongoing studies focus on anti-aging medicine and functional medicine, a scientific, nutritional approach based on the biochemical individuality of a person, their interactions with their environment and their diet. Additional background includes knowledge of herbology, homeopathy and exercise rehabilitation.

Dr. Steven Green DDS, PATH past president

Past President:  Dr. Steven N. Green, DDS

Dr. Green is a writer, researcher, teacher and clinician. He studied at the University of Detroit School of Dentistry and was a practicing dentist in Miami for over 40 years. He has lectured internationally on chronic facial pain, orthomolecular nutrition and dental aesthetics. He is the author of Eclectic Dentistry: Demystifying Medicine; The Chemistry of Cancer; Feeding Your Family From Figment to Fulfillment; and The Rhythm of Repair. He has retired from his dental practice, but he continues to write and publish.

Diane Moura PATH Board of Directors 

Vice President and Website and Social Media:  Diane Moura BCom,MBA

Diane is the Executive Partner of ZenChange, a firm focused on root cause stress management for professional women and their business.  She lost her mother to cancer in 1988 which set her on a lifelong course of learning and left her determined to create a natural environment for her family to protect their health and her own.  Recognizing the serious impact of prolonged stress on our health, she translates this energy into bringing together holistic healers and educators with the objective of helping to ensure that the families we touch have the knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid the pain a child must endure with the premature loss of a parent.  For questions or feedback on the PATH website, Diane may be contacted at 305-379-2722 or via ZenChange.

Richard Weir

Past Vice President:  Richard Weir, LMT

Richard Weir, LMT, is president of the Dade Chapter of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA).

He practicies clinical therapy dealing with trauma patients, optimizing the body/mind connection by stimulating emotional and spiritual awareness. Richard is a successful motivational speaker and is co-founder and director of Senior Massage Service (SMS).


Secretary & Membership:  Roberta Glasser, MA

Roberta is the Executive Director of the Holistic Dental Association. She assists in coordinating at the monthly PATH meetings.


Treasurer:  Todd Rauchwerger

Todd Rauchwerger has been with PATH since its inception and carries on the legacy of our Founder and his mother Rita. Todd is our Treasurer and is a key guiding force to our mission. Todd is also the President of luxury accessories retailer J.W. Cooper in Bal Harbour.


Membership:  Laura Pfeffer

Laura Pfeffer is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in lymphatic health. She is certified in Electro-Lymphatic Decongestion and AromaTouch. Both are lite-touch techniques to help people DeTox & DeStress.

She has been a holistic wellness advocate for many years after discovering how natural & alternative healing therapies helped her to recover from debilitating health issues.

In 2013 she created CircHolistic (circ-ho-lis’tic) to provide a resource to help people maintain wellness by promoting a healthy lifestyle through education, prevention, alternative therapies, and wellness products.

peggy herring

Newsletter Advisor:  Peggy Hering

Peggy has a BS in Art Education from Penn State University. She is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Her approach to painting blends with her long time interest in natural healing. She studied Reiki, shiatsu and Bach Flowers at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland and continues to research alternative approaches. Her search in art and life is about balance, harmony and oneness.

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