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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

A Gift From The Unexpected (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML))

It is almost two years ago that my sister and I, for the first time, heard the words Chronic Myeloid Leukemia or CML as it is commonly referred to. I remember getting a phone call from her as I was getting ready to go to the office, asking me to come to the Emergency Room where she had been taken earlier because she wasn’t feeling well. She sounded fine, a bit scared like anyone would be. As I’m driving to meet her, I wondered, what could possibly be wrong with her. Since we were kids I remember my sister being so healthy, other than your occasional cold, that is. I knew she had been feeling a bit peaked, but we all kept saying it was stress, you know, the diagnosis for all symptoms in today’s society.

Walking into the Emergency Room I sensed something more serious, but quickly dismissed it thinking that perhaps I was being affected by the energy there. There she was, lying down on a stretcher waiting for more tests and the ER doc to come and see her. We hugged and chatted as we always did both thinking the same thing, this could be exhaustion or stress. In recent months Wanda had been working overtime trying to meet some unexpected expenses and the holidays were around the corner. After 10 hours and numerous tests the ER doctor comes in and introduces an Oncologist. We both looked at each other and without saying a word we held hands and new this was not stress. It was surreal as we both sat there listening at what the options were.

Immediately I knew that I needed to begin my research. Being the owner of a Healthy Living Magazine and having many years of experience in the natural approach I realized that something else besides chemo was out there for her.

Miracles, I believe come in many forms, including “angels” who with a simple suggestion to attend a meeting guide you to the right PATH. As I sat in my first meeting, 1 month after Wanda began her treatments, I realized the beauty, simplicity and strength the founders hoped to adapt and share when forming this organization. Speaker after speaker answered my questions or offered to research without hesitation. Members, like the one I call my mystery angel since I never got his name, gave me the ultimate recommendation for a treatment, directed me to Doctors, Hospitals, recent research, studies, an so on, in hopes of helping me find a better option for my sister.

PATH is more than just an organization; it is a “community.” Comprised of concern folks, from layman to professionals, they act as a peaceful army hoping to conquer all knowledge in an array of health related subjects in the name of Wellness, Health and Balance. I, for one will always preserve my PATH.

Linda Palmer
Publishing Editor-Owner,
Natural Awakenings Magazine, Miami/Florida Keys Edition

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