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Several years ago I decided it was time to get my health under control. I had just started a new job that I had intentionally taken to have less stress and some space in my life. Instead of the sense of freedom I expected, I found myself sick with a virus that was to last for 7 or 8 weeks. A little research turned up a Web site called HPS Cleansing (www.hpscleansing.com). HPS stands for Helping People Survive, and the site promised exactly what I needed. The basic guide book for the program is The Tao of Health, Sex, & Longevity by Daniel Reid. There is a 7-day fast with colon cleansing that was designed by V.E. Irons. It is described in chapter two of Reid’s book. I signed up for the Level 1 cleanse and began a life-changing adventure.

The program is run by a man named Jos-hua Medicine Man. He grew up in Miami and now lives in Thailand and Nepal. He helps people all over the world cleanse and take charge of their health with his amazing program.

He charges a reasonable fee for each of the four levels of the program. When you sign on, he sends you information on what you need and where you can buy it. You must agree to follow the program to the letter, and you have to participate in an online forum. He also gives you a required reading list of several books for each level.

Each level or cleanse is a 7-day fast, during which you take psyllium, bentonite, and herbal supplements at intervals. This keeps you from feeling hungry and helps move toxins through and out of your body while minimizing the effects of detoxification. You give yourself two colonics a day, and you are highly encouraged to take off work and make the week a retreat. You are supposed to have several massages and steams to help the process along.

Each cleanse is preceded by a pre-cleanse in which you follow a high fiber, high alkaline regimen. There is also a post-cleanse, which is less restrictive, but you are supposed to reintroduce foods gradually and eat mindfully. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how different foods affect you and make permanent changes in your eating habits.

Jos-hua has taken the basic cleanse and expanded it into four levels with a lot of value added. It is carefully designed so that you can progress gradually and never be overwhelmed. After you complete the four levels, you become a Master Faster. Then you can experiment and design your own cleanses, and there are no more fees.

My experience was all I had hoped for and much more. I had my first healing crisis before I started the program. I got so excited reading about food combining that I went overboard. Went home one afternoon feeling like I had a flu. Slept like a teenager and woke up 36 hours later feeling fine.

My first cleanse was exhausting, because there was so much to learn and I worked during part of it. I ate too much raw food during the pre-cleanse, and it weakened my spleen. The routine was easy during the second level, and I was careful to eat more brown rice and lightly cooked foods during the pre-cleanse. My Chinese doctor recommended a supplement to tonify my spleen during this and subsequent cleanses.

The third cleanse was a life-changing adventure. I managed to do it during a summer vacation when I could follow all the twists and turns and enjoy it. Thanks to a woman who was doing a special 21-day cleanse for cancer, I discovered the amazing benefit of doing spiritual practices while cleansing. The fourth cleanse was the essence of simplicity. I couldn’t do all seven days of water fasting, but I did as much as I could. Somewhere about the fifth or sixth cleanse, water fasting became easy and natural, and now that’s what I do.

The skin is the first place you see the effects of cleansing, so I got a glow early on. I also lost all my aches and pains and numerous food sensitivities. Fibromyalgia is a distant memory, and so are colds and viruses. Even my eyesight improved, and I stopped needing prescription glasses. I feel 5 years younger.

A big part of the program is education. You are gently forced to learn what you need to know to take control of your health. The effects are far reaching, and the changes are immense. I watched other cleansers get off medications and free themselves of conditions like asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, and neuralgia. I also watched people undergo personality changes as they became more balanced and calmer.

Not far into my cleansing process, I decided to go to massage school. I ended up there not having any idea why, but early in the first semester I discovered craniosacral therapy, which will be a lifelong love. To make a long story short, I am now a fulltime massage therapist doing craniosacral and lymphatic drainage therapy.

I recommend colon cleansing to anyone who truly wants to take charge of their health and is willing to make some effort. HPS is a great place to get a full program with lots of guidance and support.

I look forward to working with PATH and getting to know you as we continue to learn and grow together.

Louise Lee is a massage therapist, teacher, and editor of several alternative health newsletters including this one. She overcame fibromyalgia and a variety of ailments that many people continue to believe are inevitable with age.

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