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Heart Attack (or is it?)

I am writing this testimony to emphasize how important it is to learn and to educate ourselves about health issues while we are well…. before crisis hits us.

You see, I am a long-time advocate of natural health modalities. I have been constantly interested in all info relating to non-invasive, non-toxic treatments to any health challenge. My teachers were alternative health providers, expos, articles, other PATH members and PATH’s monthly lectures.

I prided myself that I was acquiring this vast knowledge should I ever get sick. Then, it paid off….big! In January of 2001…..I WAS TOLD THAT I HAD HAD A HEART ATTACK! I never had chest pain nor shortness of breath. I had an ache in my shoulder which I thought was the result of using a shoulder bag for several years. I also had some heaving which I thought was a virus coming on. I checked into the emergency room.

The next morning I was on a steel operating room table for an angiogram. I was told that I had 2 blocked arteries—one was 95% closed, the other 70% closed. The doctor’s recommendation was angioplasty with a stent for the 95% blockage and a return procedure to do the other artery, OR by-pass surgery NOW to take care of both arteries at the same time as both angioplasties cannot be done in one procedure.

What I am about to tell you is what I did. It is not intended to be medical advice. In any case scenario, hearing this kind of news is devastating. The ordinary person without knowledge could easily be scared enough to elect the open heart surgery not knowing there may be other choices, but I drew upon the knowledge I had for a long time been acquiring and evaluating, and made a decision.

Due to the 95% blockage, I chose to do only that artery at that time, in order to open the artery as soon as possible. When the cardiologist saw me the next day and told me to make an appointment for the 2nd artery, I told him I wasn’t going to do that. I was going to do chelation. He went into a fit and said that chelation wouldn’t work. When I questioned where did he get his info, he said from the doctors. Then I said, then why are MD’s doing chelation? He said, “FOR THE MONEY!” “That doesn’t speak very well for your profession,” I replied.

Subsequently, I had 40 chelation treatments, 2x per week and now I am on maintenance, 1x per month, watch my diet and exercise, which I also did during the 40 treatments. I am on no medication except a baby aspirin per day plus CoQ10, magnesium, vitamin C and a few other supplements.

In February 2002, when having my annual check-up with my primary doctor who gave me an electrocardiogram, he said, “I don’t see where you had a heart attack.” I asked for a copy to show my cardiologist which I was scheduled to see on March 25th. At this appointment, the cardiologist barged into the room with, “I have a report to show you that says chelation doesn’t work.” Since I refuse to be intimidated, I asked him who wrote the article. “Oh, a very, very, very well respected cardiologist.” I replied with, “Now, you didn’t expect he would endorse chelation and give up all that money he makes doing by-pass heart surgery, do you? Come on now!”

I told him what my primary doctor said and showed him the report. He then said it wasn’t exactly a heart attack—more like a slight attack—-could have led to an attack. “Your electrocardiogram when you came to the emergency room wasn’t that bad “But you told me that I had a heart attack— are you saying that I had blocked arteries—no heart damage?” “YES,” he said. With that my immediate thoughts were: What if I had given into the fear based on the information that it was a heart attack. What if I had not given myself the time to try other approaches to dealing with the blockage? What if I didn’t know there were other methods to deal with blockage?

As you can see, I refuse to allow any uninformed doctor to intimidate me. I shudder when I think that I came so close to having a by-pass and only because I am knowledgeable did I save myself from being cut open. I also shudder when I think of all the people out there who are scared and may be unnecessarily accepting by-passes because they know no other way. Perhaps there are times when surgery is the best choice. There is no one answer and not every healer has all the answers. The bottom line here is to get educated.

EDUCATION IS POWER. Come to PATH’s lectures to learn, ask questions, read, subscribe to publications on natural healing, listen to your body, use the doctors for diagnosis (then see a holistic practitioner). Know what you can do naturally first! Beware of the words, “Your arteries are so full of plaque you are a walking time bomb!” Remember, I never had a heart attack and I knew I had options!

Rita Rauchwerger
Founding Member/ PATH President Emeritus, May 2002

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