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Hypoglycemia and Cholesterol

The last week of January I had an amazing experience and would like to speak out on the healing abilities of raw natural foods, a clean detoxified body and a perspective of ourselves as a whole being, balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I am hypoglycemic, chemical sensitive and deal with allergies and carbohydrate intolerances. For the last 3 years I have been increasing the amount of animal protein in my diet until I got to the point that I noticed it was harder and harder for my system to digest these foods and my total cholesterol was getting higher. I was also diagnosed with parasites and treated with Flagyl and supplements that did not work. Fortunately I got rid of them with the Rife Ultra Violet Light Frequency machine at Dr. David Schwizer’s office. But, I was still searching.

I heard of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Because of my sensitivities I did not know if I could follow the program and diet, so I personally spoke to the director Brian Clement. Brian and his wife Ana Maria are wonderful people and I later realized that they really live what they teach.

The Institute is a spa as well as a healing center catering to the seriously ill as well as those wanting to learn and to be more well. The primary focus is on eating a diet of raw organic vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, herbal teas. Wheat grass juice and sprouts play a big part. The live raw foods contain the enzymes for proper digestion and energy. Not only nutrition, but exercise for oxygenation and stimulation to the lymph system, internal cleansing, detoxifying treatments, yoga classes for breath, herbal wraps and massage are important. The spiritual is nourished with meditation and an environment of learning and sharing. There are no T.V’s or newspapers. It was truly a place of healing and focus. I felt great! I tolerated the juices and foods. I left with a feeling of well-being and a wealth of information to continue this lifestyle at home.

This experience may not be for everyone, but the important message is we can choose alternative ways to heal ourselves. We can take responsibility for ourselves and not be victims and feel that the only answer is a drug or chemicals.

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