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Hodgkins Disease and Lymphoma

A PATH Member Success Story (Hodgkins Disease and Lymphoma)

My Story begins in the summer of 1980. I was 54 years of age and in my prime of life. I was the peak of my career and enjoying a wonderful personal life when my physical world began to crumble! I had taken care of everything around me, but my health. It all started with extreme irritability, night sweating and a foul odor from my mouth, stomach and body. Even though I was consuming large amounts of food (mostly animal source products etc.), I was losing about 2 pounds every week.

November of that year while showering I discovered 2 growths in the left side of my groin. I had not been to an MD for several years, but when I began to lose my strength and my voice, a friend recommended a local MD for a check up. His diagnosis was that I had an upper respiratory infection, low grade fever and a sore throat. He completely ignored the tumor in my groin, calling it a bruise from a stretching exercise. “He was wrong!!” This misdiagnosis almost cost me my life!

Over four months later and in 2 hospitals recommended by top oncologists, Hodgkins disease was discovered in the first hospital and lymphoma in the second hospital. There were many blood transfusions, tests, drugs, more tests, chemotherapy, treatment for edema, more drugs, loss of hair and weight (over 40 pounds). I was in and out of delirium and suffered from two code blues, which caused me to have an out of body experience which I shall never forget. I could not lift myself out of bed or walk and was given extensive rehabilitation before leaving the hospital in a wheel chair in April 1981. I was then given outpatient chemo for 6 more months and prayed for death because of the nausea, vomiting and despondency it caused me.

My life mate who studied nutrition pleaded with me to try alternative therapies which I refused until I read two wonderful books he recommended: 1) Now That You Have Cancer by Michael Culbert, 2) Cancer Holiday by Betty Towner. These books concern holistic treatments for patients in Tijuana, Mexico. Reading these books finally convinced me to seek help at the Oasis of Hope Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. It was there that I realized that my previous treatments were not only damaging to my health, but were slowly causing my death.

The Oasis of Hope taught their patients that stress is 75 percent of all degenerative diseases. The other 25 percent is caused by poor food choices and environmental factors. Within 2 weeks of proper nutritional counseling, (which included: 1) Laetrile and enzyme therapy; 2) Colonics and coffee enemas; 3) Vitamins and mineral therapy; 4) Spiritual guidance and prayer) I began to gain back my strength and health!

Within a year back home, my tumors and all signs of cancer disappeared. I gained back my lost weight and began a new life. Today, (21 years later), and approaching my 75th birthday, I feel better than I did when I was in my forties. I say prayers daily, exercise, take vitamins and enzymes, watch my diet, and I am proud to be a member of PATH where I counsel others in pain. Our country is still in the dark ages when it comes to holistic healing, with “no” significant cures for any of the degenerative diseases that plague us! However, the International Bio-Care Hospital in Mexico, where my partner and I go annually for rejuvenation treatments (live cells, chelation therapy, H.B.O. and acupuncture, etc.) is showing a significant amount of success in controlling cancer, aids, heart disease, and many other degenerative diseases not curable in the U.S. There is hope. Read---listen. Join PATH and fight for good health!

Kerri Maren, 305-861-5790

February 2002

Kerri has been a PATH member since June of 1990. He is a dedicated seeker and advocate of alternative health education. He was presented with the first annual “Rita R. Rauchwerger Member of the Year Award”, ( 2001) for outstanding service and dedication in guiding others to find their path to optimal health.

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