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Ovarian and Liver Cancer

In November 1998, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer (Stage 111-C). After radical surgery (a complete hysterectomy), I underwent four months of chemotherapy. I lost my hair, suffered general weakness, lacked energy and was seriously depressed.

In April, 1999, at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to visit Hippocrates Health Institute to begin my rehabilitation. I attended all the lectures, enjoyed the various activities, massages, and the live meals. At the end of one week, I felt energized and I was happy. At home, I followed the program 80% of the time. However, I did not subscribe to the supplements that Anna Maria had recommended. After one year, I had a recurrence and surgery but no chemotherapy as the lesions were encapsulated. Six months after that, I had another recurrence and again I had surgery and again the lesions were encapsulated which the surgeon said was a good sign. Again, I chose to not have chemotherapy.

On the third recurrence, the doctors said surgery was not appropriate because the lesions were too small. However, it was suggested that I undergo chemotherapy treatments. Instead, I returned to Hippocrates to see if I could eradicate the cancer by strictly adhering to the program. This time I decided to follow the program 90% and I included the supplements Anna Maria recommended to boost my immune system in case I should undergo chemotherapy.

One month after my stay at Hippocrates, I went for my C-scan and the doctor noted with amazement that one of three lesions on the lobe of my liver had disappeared and the other two had shrunk. He said this was short of being miraculous and that he had not come across this in his practice. When I told him what I had been doing, i.e., following the Hippocrates program, he looked at me and his eyes glazed over. I knew he didn’t put much faith in what I was telling him but he told me that whatever I was doing, I should continue to do so. And the good news was that I didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy. Of course, I believe that the program at Hippocrates has helped me fight this cancer. I feel quite different than I have in the past and know that I will follow the living foods, body/ mind approach for the rest of my life. I also plan to take a yearly holiday at the Institute.

I feel absolutely wonderful and I am following the program. I drink wheatgrass twice a day. I juice twice a day and when traveling I continue my supplements and when I dine out, patronize restaurants that will accommodate my diet. I am so grateful to Hippocrates for helping me change my outlook on life and giving me the opportunity to take charge of health and happiness.

Judith Morris

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