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Pain And Stress

The other day my 8-year old daughter asked me this question: “Mommy, what are we supposed to be doing on this planet? I mean, what should our work be?” Caught up in our day-to-day personal concerns and the demands of our society we adults lose touch with the significance of this question. So, what is your answer?

Who are we, and why are we here? What is the purpose of the experiences we have? Are we just to accept our condition and cope, or is there a way to re-interpret our pain, stress, or dis-ease as having a significant role in our development as human beings? Can we use these obstacles as tools for improvement? What would our lives look like if we could move forward in consciousness with each and every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenge?

The last few years have brought into my own life extraordinary experiences that have shifted my perspective drastically, and brought me to much higher levels of health mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Compared to the ever-increasing sense of well-being and integration I feel, the physical and mental pains I was initially suffering from seem rather small in retrospect. However, they played an indispensable role as tools for change. Prior to their resolution, these obstacles were as thick as the deepest dread you’ve ever felt, and as scary as the most remote dark places you can imagine. Although the specifics of my experience are particular to my individual life, the process and ramifications are universal.

This process, that literally turned my life around, is an approach, developed by Dr. Paul Canali, called Unified Healing Therapy™. This approach focuses on how to heal the root causes of suffering, shedding fears, pains, diseases and emotional difficulties for the purpose of our growth and evolution.

Initally my son was referred to Dr. Paul Canali when he was 4 years old because he was walking mainly on his toes. At his first appointment, I watched as my son fell in to a deeply relaxed state. The room was quiet, with soothing music playing, and in this new place I already sensed a feeling of peace. I observed as Dr. Paul touched lightly on my son’s body, and saw my son move in response to the touches. They conversed in this silent dance for perhaps 20 minutes that day. I brought my son in regularly for a number of weeks. I watched with fascination as a whole different language emerged as a possibility to me. My son’s heels dropped down much more often after a time, but the most profound change was in his personality. He became centered and happy. The change was marked and undeniable in just a few weeks. At four years old he was learning how to connect his brain to his body in a whole new way.

I began to go in myself for adjustments with Dr. Paul. After about a month most of my immediate physical pains and issues were resolved. My mind was opened to the possibility that all the manifestations of bodily pain and emotional stress I was feeling were by-products of protecting myself, and that I didn't need to do that anymore, and that allowing myself to feel was going to change everything. Not feeling? I thought I felt everything. I felt sensitive, vulnerable, mad, sad, etc. What I didn't realize at the time was that I was in a kind of automatic state. A numb state. A disengaged state. A state referred to as survival mode. I have since learned that this state of mind was directly correlated to the condition of the communication pathways between my brain and my body. For instance, in the beginning when Dr. Paul asked me to breathe into my upper back and let the tension drop down I could not feel the tension in my neck and upper back at all-my nervous system had cut off communication, and the area was essentially numb.

As time went on I realized that I was afraid to feel my true emotions, and I began to understand through direct experience that it manifested as either numbness or pain both emotionally and physically. If I could get past the fear and allow myself to feel, then perhaps I actually could get to the root of the problem, and by recognizing and acknowledging it, overcome it. A profound moment occurred one day during an adjustment when I stopped controlling my body's response:

I felt my body breaking free of my mind. I could let it go. I started feeling tingling in my hands. I breathed a lot. I tried to move my spine around. He told me to go into my body, and that it was safe and to love and accept myself. I fell into it-my hands clenched tight by themselves, my legs felt tight. He bent my knees up. I let my back and pelvis move a little, but under control still. That leap was hard to imagine, or, to let happen. After all that had subsided a bit, he adjusted my neck and told me to pay attention and feel it. It felt like hundreds of white equidistant butterflies suspended in some kind of liquid space.

Since the day I let my body start to balance itself by letting go the relentless control, I have experienced many more profound resolutions to deep fears, followed with feelings of the most extraordinary timeless peace. Unified Healing Therapy™ has given me a way to access unconscious territory, from which I have been able to learn many lessons so far. As I learn to trust my body to balance itself during adjustments, and to use my mind productively to seek out new information, I see the same thing happening in my life experience. Each time these realizations happen I feel a bit lighter, a bit freer than before. All kinds of balances are able occur naturally in my body. When emotional or physical pains occur I seek help to connect and see what they are trying to teach me. Once the lesson is learned, I can move on to a new level of awareness.

I don’t know what work we are supposed to be doing on this planet, but I know this is part of it. By advancing our consciousness and overcoming fears we will be able to see more clearly, and help each other and our planet to evolve.

Quayny Porter-Brown is an architect, and she went to massage school as a result of her experience. She studies with Dr. Canali and now incorporates Unified Healing Therapy™ into her work as a massage therapist.

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