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Just wanted to let you know that the information that PATH is sharing is working! Have a wonderful day!

--Janelle Martinez

I have been attending the PATH lectures for the past year and a half and am being stirred to think about other options to healing issues.

--Bernie Butts

We’ve been sent, expenses paid, several times around the U.S. and to the Caribbean in order to connect with some of the best in the field of alternative health care, exactly what the PATH workshops and meetings offer locally. Even if we learn one new valuable thing, it is worth every effort to get there.

--Kathy Elder

Miracles, I believe come in many forms, including “angels” who with a simple suggestion to attend a meeting guide you to the right PATH. As I sat in my first meeting, 1 month after Wanda began her treatments, I realized the beauty, simplicity and strength the founders hoped to adapt and share when forming this organization. Speaker after speaker answered my questions or offered to research without hesitation.

--Linda Palmer

Great organization that is very educational.

--Ty Shlackman

Dear Dr. Newman:

I am a new member of PATH and have become a serious (unofficial) PR person for all the good you and our colleagues are doing through this wonderful organization.

I attended your last workshop and again found the information stimulating and informative. I am attempting to gain as much knowledge as I can, as quickly as I can. I am a Holistic Psychotherapist myself and use alternative approaches with my clients. I use CranioSacral, Hypnosis, meditation, and Emotional Freedom Techniques in addition to Traditional Behavioral and psychotherapeutic methods to enable comprehensive healing.

I am sharing any and all information that I glean from you and other PATH presenters to aid in my personal health and that of my clients.

I am a cancer survivor and have had, what some might call, miraculous healing in my own body...

I have also been very impressed with Dr. Green’s talks. Some of the information he shared at the beginning of the last PATH meeting has been enormously helpful to me.

My journey into health continues, my enthusiasm is high and I feel hopeful. I am grateful for all you are doing. Healing is more than addressing specific ailments that individuals bring to attention, true healing is also providing individuals with ways and means to heal and prevent illness in themselves. I feel that you are truly a True Healer in our time. Thank you.

I send you God's Sweet blessings,

-- Shirley D. Merrett-Hall, LCSW, CHT, CST, ACTT.  Alternative Counseling and Traditional Therapies

PATH  is one of Florida’s greatest assets.  Health is a choice, but we can’t choose it if we don’t know how.  PATH presents cutting-edge, high-quality health information that will teach you how. Through PATH, information that would require years of intense study is available to all.

-- Raymond Francis, Bio-Chemist/Author “Never Be Sick Again”

For many years PATH has brought the most valuable information in integrative, complementary medical options to the public. PATH has empowered people to take control of their health and their lives.

-- Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD, International Bio Care Hospital/ Med. Center, Tijuana, Mexico

The PATH organization is a tremendous resource for South Florida.  The monthly PATH meetings bring nationally and internationally recognized speakers to our local community and provide valuable information in alternative and complementary medicine like no other group does…..I encourage everyone to join me as a proud member of the PATH organization.

-- Jay D. Foster, Nutritional Biochemist, Host, HealthConnectionRadio.com


PATH is one of the few organizations with the integrity to reveal the truth about the promise of health and the corruption in our current system.  Keep up your fine and diligent work!                   

-- Brian R. Clement, PhD, Director, Hippocrates Health Institute,, West Palm Beach, FL

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