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Upcoming Speaker

WhenMarch, March, 15, @ 7:00 pm (networking)

Topic @ 7:45 pmDiabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia: The Chronic Inflammation Connection


Guest Speaker: Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, MD


dr.-rodriguez-ibc-100x100.jpgDr. Rodrigo Rodriguez MD, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of alternative medicine and is the founder of the BioCare System and Director of the International BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center in Tijuana, Mexico.



Degenerative conditions sharing chronic inflammation as the common cause are responsible for a catastrophic rise in a number of highly aggressive and deadly diseases. This is now the most pressing health challenge we face today.

In the last few decades, diabetes has increased at very alarming rates. This chronic inflammatory disease is characterized by poor management of sugars and loss in the efficacy of insulin, the very hormone intended to maintain metabolic balance. Ultimately ending in death, diabetes has multiple metabolic consequences---causing catastrophic vascular damage, loss of vision, high blood pressure, kidney and heart disease. 

Alzheimer’s disease is another condition we have observed going from relative obscurity-almost from what was a medical curiosity-rising to prominent place within the first ten (10) leading causes of death in America, and the number one cause of neurological disability.

Alzheimer’s research evidence shows that chronic inflammatory problems in the central nervous system are linked to dysfunction in sugar metabolism, to the point that many scientists call it Diabetes Type-3.

“What is critically important for people to know is that, we at BioCare, have the knowledge and tools to bypass most of these conditions, and certainly Alzheimer’s is not an exception to this statement. Educating ourselves to gain knowledge in the recent rise to prominence of chronic degenerative inflammatory disease should convince us of the need to "BioCare" our bodies and seek preventive alternative treatment.”


PATH is happy to welcome back Dr. Rodriguez. If you have heard his lectures before you will not want to miss this next meeting. Bring a friend and share important health information. Remember, our original PATH motto: EDUCATION,  KNOWLEDGE,  PREVENTION.


This Month at 7:00 pm: Doors open for networking

Opening talk @ 7:30 pm: Opening remarks by PATH President Rita Starr, when applicable

WhereBeth David Congregation Main Ballroom, 2625 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129

Guest Speaker: 7:45 pm



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