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As I recently sat back, my tired feet given yet another essential oil treatment while reading one of countless books on the subject of what else?......life extension, I reminded my wife, Kathy, of the need to acknowledge Rita Rauchwerger for her and Path’s noteworthy contribution to our “well-beingness”. If it were not for Rita, the “founding mother” I suppose one could fondly dub this tireless lady, our otherwise extensive library would be short not a few books, video and audio tapes…. for the purpose of teaching others how to “prevent”, as Kathy would say. My wife initially insisted we purchase the affordable yearly membership and attend the meetings and workshops, come what may, before the possible tragic fact of life, otherwise known as debilitating disease, draws one into the loop.

One evening a few months ago, Kathy had to literally drag my long-work-day-weary-bones to the upcoming workshop (Dr. Richard Clement, March 2003 ). She insisted we attend. It was on the subject of homeopathy, after all! She insists she’s had guardian angels all her life assisting with directing her every move, and she has life saving stories galore to prove it, which she writes about in her inspirational publication, Barefoot in the Sand, A Journal Dedicated to Living Life For the Express Sake of Love. Since our meeting over 30 years ago, she’s convinced that these guardian angels of hers likewise assist with orchestrating my “personal life journey,” what with me being her soul mate and all. Why? “Because I ask that in my prayers, that’s why,” would be her seemingly simple explanation upon request. “And soul mates are hard to come by in this sad but true loveless world.” After the following experience, I’m honest to God beginning to wonder.

Wouldn’t you know, a certain Dr. Richard Clement, the host speaker at the PATH workshop that evening, asked the audience if any are suffering with, of all things, vertigo. I reluctantly raised my hand from the back of the room. Generous sort that he is, Dr. Clement hands me a bottle of homeopathic spray, for seasickness, so the label reads.

I decided to sacrifice and send it to my father, Bob, upstate NY, who literally lives with vertigo daily. In my case, thank God, with my solution driven soul mate running all over creation searching for never ending answers to never ending wellness concerns, my bouts of vertigo ended shortly after they began several years ago. I had an MRI and a CT scan. Both showed, gratefully, no signs of a brain tumor that the specialist and our family practitioner initially thought might be a possible cause. A combination of chiropractic care, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, nutritional supplementation and most recently, magnet therapy plus oxygenated water through the “Oxygen Man,” Ed McCabe, yet another great PATH connector, helped rid myself, for the most part, of all the other ramifications I have been suffering, including the constant pain I have had since the age of 16 from a serious accident that caused severe injury to the cervical discs in my neck.

My dad, on the other hand, jumped on the medical merry-go-round, only to be told his was a hopeless case. So it was great getting his recent voice mail. “I hope you two are stocking this stuff for an eternity. It’s the only thing I’ve tried that truly works and I’ve tried it all, believe me! Be sure to thank that genius Dr. Clement for me!” I have since been to the warm, inviting office of Dr. Clement, where I found several other homeopathic remedies for myself and others.

Kathy has been an entrepreneur in the field of wellness some 15 challenging years. We’ve been sent, expenses paid, several times around the U.S. and to the Caribbean in order to connect with some of the best in the field of alternative health care, exactly what the PATH workshops and meetings offer locally. So her feeling is, even if we learn one new valuable thing, it is worth every effort to get there. My World War II veteran pilot dad, 82 years young, is living proof of that credo!

Contributed by PATH member Kathy Elder as told by her husband Scott.  Dr. Clement is a PATH practitioner member.

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